July 20th, 2019

Who Will You Vote For?

To The Editor,

A powerful myth exists among the citizenry of Vermont. The myth is that the Vermont Republican party is the party of the rich and powerful and the Vermont Democrat Party is the party of the poor and downtrodden. Real statistics compiled by the watchdog organization OpenSecrets.org debunks this myth. https://www.opensecrets.org/states/summary.php?state=VT

In the 2017-2018 political season, itemized contributions to Vermont parties and candidates total, so far, $2,268,885. $1,615,385, or 76.1 percent of these contributions went to Democrats. In comparison, a paltry $345,123 or 16.3 percent went to Republicans.

Career politician Bernie Sanders(D) self proclaimed defender of working families, advocate for income redistribution and owner of three homes has $8,013,016 to wage a campaign against his challenger, Lawrence Zupan(R). Zupan has $6,438 dollars. 96 percent of Bernie’s campaign contributions come from outside of Vermont, while barely 4 percent comes from Vermonters.

How can Bernie possibly represent the interests of Vermonters when he has so much money and so much of this money is coming from outside of Vermont?

Career politician and Vermont congressman Peter Welch(D), who accepts money from opiate pharmaceutical companies, has $2,101,534 in his campaign war chest. Much of this comes from big corporations and unions, 62 percent of Welch’s contributions come from out of state. Again, the same questions for Bernie should be asked of Peter Welch. If big money buys both elections and power, how can Welch be working in the best interests of Vermonters?

I could not confirm through the states campaign finance reporting system how much Welch’s Republican opponent, Anya Tynio, has for political funds. My guess is that she has not filed a report because she has no money. Cris Ericson(I) reliable defender of liberty, anti-corruption activist and marijuana legalization proponent informed me that she has zero dollars to mount a campaign against Peter Welch.

Vermont Democrats very successfully shake the Vermont timbers with the rallying cry of “GET MONEY OUT OF POLITICS” Will the absolute hypocrisy of this cry ever make a difference to the Vermont voter?

Vermonters reading this would be better informed in their voting decisions if they were to follow the money. You can do this by using the both state campaign finance website at https://campaignfinance.sec.state.vt.us/ and https://www.opensecrets.org/states/summary.php?cycle=2018&state=VT to find out who is funding your elected representatives.

I am voting for candidates whose decision making is not swayed by outside special interest groups that have big money. I am going to continue to vote for the underdog.

Stu Lindberg

Cavendish, Vermont

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