September 23rd, 2019


We Should Have the Right to Choose What is Best for Us and Our Families



As a licensed home childcare provider of 46 years, I have worked hard to establish my 3-star program and serve many families here in Central Vermont. Being a provider and building relationships with my parents and children has allowed me to become an expert when it comes to knowing what my families need. At times I feel as if I could be doing more to support them and advocate for them for them because of the hardships they face every day. But with little voice and no power to change anything, I am not able to help them the best way possible.


Hundreds of providers across Vermont face the same situations and it is hard for us all to be able to come together because we are isolated from one another and work long hours each day. The bill that we have been working years to pass only grants us the basic human right to choose what is best for us. Every provider will have this choice and will have an opportunity to vote democratically if they too want to join a union. Many people believe they will be forced into this and it simply is not the case. I encourage all providers to really educate them selves about the benefits of a non-traditional union and the real facts.


To say the least, I am grateful to have Vermont Early Educators United working with providers throughout the state to be able to have the choice to do what is best for us and Vermont’s children and families.



Joyce Wheeler, Happy Hearts Child Care


East Montpeli

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