August 23rd, 2019

Vermont Needs a New Governor




I picked up the newspaper, and… see what I learned! Chet Greenwood of Derby has clearly outlined the character of the governor of Vermont. He has pegged him for exactly what he is. If you will please read the “forum” in the Newport Daily News, under the date of September 16 and captioned “The Golden Dome Casino,” you will learn that Governor Shumlin has done great disservice to all Vermonters, especially the taxpayers. Therefore, he deserves no votes from either Democrat, nor Republican, nor Libertarian… nor from any other party or person in this state.

We need a new governor immediately, if not sooner! If we (any of us citizens) did what he has been doing, we would be kicked out of office… like yesterday! When I read Chet Greenwood’s letter I was so dismayed by the realization of the truth in it, that I had disregarded when previously perusing my newspapers, I just had to tell this to fellow Vermonters. So, please read this report card on gubernatorial disrespect for all constituents and voters, so you will know the truth about what is going wrong in Vermont.


Marian Harpan Peduzzi


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