August 26th, 2019

Tom Kelly for States Attorney


I notice the reports in the Times Argus concerning some of the local political muscle supporting Scott Williams for Washington County State’s Attorney. There could be some political reasons for these endorsements but one thing they lack is common sense.

Tom Kelly, an experienced prosecutor, has been doing a good job. Why would you want to put a lawyer who has never prosecuted a criminal in charge of prosecuting criminals? How long would it take to train him? Also we adopt prejudices when we do some task for a long period of time, for example, insurance adjusters may believe that everyone cheats on an insurance claim, or police may believe that everyone lies to them. These beliefs are not generally true but it is easy to adopt them. What prejudices has Mr. Williams picked up as a lawyer representing plaintiffs and criminals?

Mr. Williams said he is going to be smarter on crime but what does that mean? It sounds like he is saying I can do a better job than the current States Attorney. Why should we trust him or believe him? If he is going to experiment with the criminal justice system, let him do it somewhere else where we will be safer. Experimenting with the criminal justice system involves risks to people who have to live here.

I am voting for Tom Kelly for States Attorney.

Thomas Prindiville


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