September 23rd, 2019


“The World” Connects Us to Each Other


Why would anyone want to read The World, let alone have to find a spot to pick it up now that the paper has made the difficult business decision to end home delivery in some areas? Why would it be worth one’s time to seek out a distribution point?

When I first moved to Vermont almost 25 years ago, I never bothered with The World newspaper, thinking it was “just full of advertisements.” I soon learned from my neighbors, co-workers, school connections, church associations and other folks that The World is “The Paper” in Central Vermont!

Be it a church dinner, a non-profit’s fundraiser, announcements of births, engagements, marriages, anniversaries and the like, articles about how to help our neighbors in times of need and in times of joy, which movies are playing this week, what theatrical productions are available, school calendars, honor rolls, college announcements, what non-profit fundraisers are happening and so on. The World is a “feel good” paper and one that connects us to each other, which is particularly important considering the rural nature of some of the area covered by this important weekly news publication.

I live in Woodbury and have never gotten home delivery, but because I value The World’s newsy, neighborly, upbeat content and the terrific price (free!), I make the effort to pick up a copy each week from one of the many convenient locations around the Central Vermont area. I’ve even driven right to The World’s office on the Barre-Montpelier Road to pick up a copy, which is easy to do.

The World is not “just full of advertisements” as I thought 25 years ago, but rather The World is full of useful information, photos, and calendar items to help us all stay connected to each other and our great community – it is worth the effort to find a distribution point to continue readership.

Thank you to Gary and Deborah and the entire staff of The World for making this available since 1972.

Patricia Tedesco


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