July 16th, 2019

The Storms of Life

By G. E. Shuman

“Into Each Life, Some Rain Must Fall.” Remember that old song? We all can see that in that title rain is depicted as a negative thing. (There’s nothing like a rain storm to ruin a day at the beach.) A seemingly opposite thought is expressed in the Bible, in the verse which says: “He maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.” Matthew 5:45. In that case, the rain is seen as a good thing, as a blessing. Life requires water, and a rain storm provides that. (There’s nothing like a drought to ruin a crop.) The thought of receiving “showers of blessings” strengthens that idea more.

To be sure, every person experiences both showers of blessings and the storms of life. No family is immune to problems, some of which can be pretty big and destructive storms. Likewise, no family is totally bereft of blessings. In fact, in our land, and in our time, blessings really are all around us. To me, counting them is as easy as counting my family members and friends.

Literal storms are bad enough; storms of problems seem to even be worse, at times. I am sure it is a terrible thing to be hit with both, at the same time. The dear folks in our southern states who are suffering through this year’s hurricane season ARE experiencing both at the same time. For some it will take years for even a partial recovery of property and belongings to occur. Losses of loved ones are losses that will never be truly recovered from. Our nation is one of caring, giving people, and is already coming together to do whatever can be done to ease the suffering of those affected by the storms.

Truthfully, I sat down at the ol’ laptop a few moments ago with no idea of what to write about this time. I teach my writing students of the ‘terror of the empty page’ problem that writers sometimes have when they just can’t start the process. That doesn’t often happen with me, but when it does personal stuff usually sort of spills out of whatever that aging gray matter thing is that is between my ears. I am never sure if I should try to avoid that happening, or embrace it. I have often told people that writing this column is my ‘therapy’; and that you folks are my ‘therapists’. It is good to talk things out, sometimes. I hope you agree.

Without ‘spilling’ much more, I will admit that I and my family are facing a few brewing ‘storms’ of our own, as, like I said, all of us do. No person and no families are perfect. You may be in the same boat as we are. If so, take heart. No storm, not even a big one, lasts forever. God is still good, and there are still many blessings to count and sunny days ahead. Thanks for listening.

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