September 17th, 2019


The Power of the Pen

The Power of the Pen

Dear Readers:

This week I’d like to present something very special for your enjoyment. As many of you know, I teach high school English at Websterville Christian Academy. (It is a school I highly recommend you consider for your children’s and grandchildren’s education.) Last week my sophomore class was assigned the task of authoring a poem on a subject of their choosing. Miss Sera Fecher, a student in that class, handed in a truly brilliant and thoughtful creation which states, better than I ever could, just how writers, and especially poets, feel about the power of words. Sera writes with a level of maturity far beyond her years and I have often felt that she could just be our next Emily Dickinson, or Edna St. Vincent Millay. I’m privileged to share Sera’s beautiful poem with you now.

Ink –

Seraphina E. Fecher

She voyaged oceans, deserts, skies

And never took a trip

She touched a hundred thousand lives

And never moved her lips

She sang a song, her mouth closed tight

The audience still heard

She drew a picture, black and white

And colored it with words

She gave life to a hundred dreams

And never saw their deaths

Her mind – it raced – and still it seemed

To never lose its breath

She built a city in no time

She only had to think

For all she needed was her mind

And a little bit of ink

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