July 16th, 2019

Thanks to Mrs. Massie and All School Bus Drivers




As this school year comes to an end, I would like to acknowledge the hard work of school bus drivers and in particular that of our wonderful bus driver, Marilyn Massie. When we moved back to Berlin (Mike and I are both U-32 graduates) we were lucky enough to buy a house along her route.

Sara and Michael first stepped onto her bus in the fall of 1993 with Lora watching out the window. Our family continued to grow, adding Clark and Minda. For twenty-one years, Mrs. Massie has transported our five kids back and forth, first to Berlin Elementary and then to U-32 High School.

Even during the years that I worked at Berlin Elementary, our kids liked taking the bus as it was their time to socialize with friends. In fact, there were a few times when I rode the bus if I was having car problems. It certainly made me appreciate the job bus drivers have. Not all kids behave on the bus, which can be challenging – both for the driver and for the rest of the riders. I discovered how Mrs. Massie continues to survive mud season (which can be particularly bad beyond our home) with an additional springy cushion on her drivers seat.

Typically parents don’t have a chance to interact much with the bus drivers and that was a bonus working at the school, having the opportunity to talk with some of the drivers at the end of the school day when we were waiting for kids to be dismissed, as I assisted with loading students.

Each day you could depend on Mrs. Massie to be punctual. The bus might be a little late in bad weather but never early, and we all know every minute counts in the morning. She would stop even if she didn’t see one of our kids at the bus stop as that would usually mean one or more would be flying out the door, since she knew they were regular riders. If our kids wouldn’t be riding we would either call the bus barn or be by the door to wave her on by.

I’ve always said we have the best bus driver. It’s been wonderful to be able to send our kids off to each school day and know they are in good hands with a person we have such confidence in. With Minda graduating this week, thus ends the bus stop at our home.

Thank you Marilyn from the bottom of our hearts!


Corinne Stridsberg


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