August 20th, 2019

Thank You!

Dear Editor,

We live in Roxbury and just want to say thank you for running the wildlife spot from Protect Our Wildlife. Being in the country, we see our share of unethical and horrible things happening to wildlife. We’ve even seen a bloody foot while walking our dogs. Vermont is such a wonderful state except for this cruelty. More people need to wake up.

Thanks again! We will support your paper.

Best regards,

Gerri Huck


Dear Editor:

I just wanted to thank you for running that POW ad on the cover of your latest edition. It is difficult to get the word out about the abuse that Vermont’s wildlife is subject to on a daily basis. Trappers and hunters, with the help of the Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, try hard to suppress these messages. They’ve had the podium to themselves for too long, so its nice to see the other side of this issue on the front page of a local paper.

Glenn Callahan


Dear Editor:

Thanks to this paper for printing a story that resonates. We’re seeing horrors like this all too often. (An arrow pierces an animal and the animal is never found.) I will never understand the desire to snuff the life out of anything except maybe to feed your family. If you hunt or trap, do you make it a point to do it humanely? What do you teach your children? Even if you don’t feel compassion for the creature, aren’t you teaching valuable lessons about being a good and decent human being? Imagine the terror and pain this animal suffered? And for days, weeks? What if it was your beloved dog or cat? What has happened to humans as a species? Have we lost all humanity and compassion? Some of us have not and must speak out against those who have.

Sandy Maggied


To the Editor:

Thank you for running an ad for Protect Our Wildlife, and for helping bring this important issue to light. Our family regularly reads The World, and you can count on our continued support.

Best regards,

Rohit Sharma


To the Editor:

I just wanted to thank you for bringing some awareness to the cruel practice of trapping. No animal deserves that and bringing awareness to the masses will hopefully, eventually put a stop to it.

Thank you for standing up for our wildlife.


Edon Copparini


Dear Editor,

Thank you so much for shedding light on how horrible trapping is. We need to educate more people about this and how barbaric the practice is.

Jaime King

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