August 20th, 2019

Support for LaClair and McFaun

I vote early, and I have already cast my votes to re-elect Rob LaClair and Topper McFaun to the Vermont House of Representatives from Barre Town.

I had the good fortune to work side by side with Topper for ten years when I was also a member of the House. He has become a very respected voice of moderation in the legislature. As the ranking member of the Committee on Human Services, he exercises leadership in the area of our government that makes the greatest demands on our annual budget, and he has fought for the welfare of children and families while simultaneously working to save money by finding efficiencies.

Rob was elected two years ago when I chose not to run for re-election. He brings a wealth of experience as a former school board member, a current select board member, and as a business owner. He serves on the prestigious Committee on Government Operations, which deals with election law, municipal government, and regulation of professions, among other things, and in the short time he has been in the House, he has developed a genuine expertise in these areas.

Both Rob and Topper work hard, respond to questions and concerns of Barre Town residents, and truly have the best interests of Barre Town at heart. I feel well represented by these two gentlemen, and I hope the vast majority of Barre Town voters will join me in re-electing them for another two years.

Thomas F. “Tom” Koch

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