September 23rd, 2019


“Sunny Day, Papa!”

By G. E. Shuman

I’m not sure why, but I believe this summer season has meant more to me than any other summer I can remember. Lorna and I often go for rides through the countryside of our gorgeous state, and it just seems more beautiful to me than it has in summers past. The tree-covered mountains are so filled with gorgeous shades of green; wildflowers seem to be everywhere this year; the scent of freshly mown lawns is almost addictive. Everything just seems more vibrant and brighter this year, and, as I said, I don’t know why.

Perhaps the reason is simply due to the very long and cold winter that left us only a few months ago, or the fact that both my wife and I retired in June and have more time to enjoy this season together.

I, personally, have also recently given some thought to the fact that, for me, there are certainly many more summers in my past than in my future, at least in this life, and that I truly need to look at the lush and plenteous green and other beauty of the season, and appreciate it all. I do remember times when I would arrive at work in the morning and be greeted by a colleague or two mentioning the great or not so great weather. Some days, with other things on my mind, I had not even noticed what weather I had just driven through. I have decided to at least notice things like that from now on.

Then there is also a wonderful reminder in my life, of the great blessings of summer. Our nearly three-year-old granddaughter Nahla spends several nights a week at our home. When she does, she invariably wakes me up in the morning by jumping on the bed and excitedly yelling: “Wake up! Sunny day Papa! Sunny day!” Even though this usually happens at least an hour before Lorna and I would normally get up, it just doesn’t get any better than that.

So, if things aren’t perfect in your life, as is true for all of us, maybe you need to get outside and really SEE the trees, smell the grass, and check out the flowers. Maybe you need to realize that even though your future is a day shorter than it was yesterday, you still have time to appreciate our beautiful surroundings. Or, maybe you need to find a nearly three-year-old to jump on your bed in the morning and share with you the wonder and excitement of a sunny day!

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