September 22nd, 2019


Subaru Donates $17,250 to the Vermont Foodbank

Subaru FoodbankLast week, funding for more than 51,000 meals was provided for children, families, and seniors in Vermont who struggle with hunger, thanks to 69 new Subaru owners who purchased new Subarus at Twin City Subaru this holiday season.


The $17,249.93 donation from Subaru of America is the happy conclusion of Subaru’s 6th annual Share the Love event at Twin City Subaru, during which each customer who bought or leased a new Subaru had the opportunity to designate a $250 donation from Subaru to charity – their choice of one of five national non-profit organizations or the Vermont Foodbank, the local charity option selected by Twin City Subaru.


Ninety-nine percent (sixty-nine in total) of Twin City’s qualifying customers chose to designate Subaru’s donation to the Vermont Foodbank, resulting in a fundraising success neither the Vermont Foodbank nor Twin City Subaru had even dared dream of.


“Our original goal was to reach $12,000,” said Twin City Subaru Owner Dave Birmingham, “But that number was quickly surpassed when almost every customer chose the Vermont Foodbank. This was the first year of Share the Love that Subaru asked dealers to choose a local charity option in addition to the five pre-selected national charities, so we were blown away by the response.”


“It’s truly amazing how Vermonters come together to help other Vermonters. A big thank you to our community for keeping the donations local and helping to fight hunger in Vermont!” Birmingham added in response to the campaign’s success. Twin City Subaru’s Share the Love event raised the 4th highest amount of any Subaru dealership in New England.


The Vermont Foodbank will use the donation to provide more than 51,000 meals to Vermonters in need, as the non-profit can distribute 3 meals for every $1 donation. “As federal nutrition programs sustain substantial cuts and the cost of living in Vermont continues to rise while wages fail to keep pace, the people we serve are falling deeper into hunger and poverty,” said John Sayles, Vermont Foodbank CEO. “This donation couldn’t come at a better time, and will be put to work ensuring that no one in Vermont goes hungry.”


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