July 17th, 2019

Statehouse Candidates Wanted

This is a call for help.

Governor Shumlin and the Democrats’ super majority in the legislature are bankrupting our state, making it unaffordable for young and old, and driving many to leave the state.

This simply must change. There is an urgent need to bring financial sense back to the Statehouse. Over the past five years, the state has increased spending twice as fast as our citizens’ incomes have risen. There are plans to spend over a billion dollars on information systems over the next decade. And but for the federal government sending our taxes into a financial black hole known as Vermont Health Connect, the state would be bankrupt from this ill-conceived effort.

Without more forward thinking legislators, Vermont will continue down its current path of using taxes as a means of social engineering, and of creating more and more bureaucracy. Now is the time for a few good men and women to step forward and be part of a force for change.

The Washington County Republican Committee is looking to recruit state senate and house candidates for election this November. Candidates must file petitions and the necessary paperwork by May 26.

Of the 18 legislators currently serving in Washington County, five are Republicans, 11 are Democrats, and two are Independents. All five of the Republican legislators: Senator Bill Doyle, Barre Town Representatives Francis “Topper” McFaun and Robert Clair, and Berlin/Northfield Representatives Patti Lewis and Anne Donahue are running for re-election.

Let’s be clear. Becoming a legislator, or even running for election, is a lot of work. Although legislators receive about $12,000 a year and expense reimbursement, the work is pretty much full time from January through mid-May, and probably a day a week for the rest of the year responding to constituent questions and attending district functions.

The best candidates have a love of public service, the flexibility in their lives to accept the schedule a legislative position requires, and a strong desire to improve the lives of their fellow Vermonters.Previous public service is certainly helpful, but legislators come from a great variety of backgrounds.

The Republican Party has a glorious history. Some of our greatest Presidents, starting with Abraham Lincoln, were members of the Grand Old Party. Vermont governors Deane Davis, Dick Snelling, and most recently Jim Douglas were Republicans. If you would like to join this illustrious list and are interested in serving your community, please consider running for the Statehouse. Feel free to contact me at josh@fitzhugh.com or check us out on Facebook @Washington County Vermont Republicans, or Twitter @wcvtgop.

John Fitzhugh – Chairman
Washington County Republican Committee

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