September 22nd, 2019


Spaulding Students Recognized with Burdett Memorial Award

The following Spaulding High School students were recognized recently with the Robert M. Burdett Memorial Award. Teachers nominated students in one of the following categories: Good Citizen, Unsung Hero, Exceptional Growth/Improvement, and/or Exceptional Perseverance/Resilience. This award is given quarterly and these are the students recognized for this award during the First Quarter of the 2018-2019 school year.

SENIORS: Trey Armbrister, Grayson Bradley, Madison Cooley, Aaron Dunn, Paxton MacAuley, Evan Parent, Grace Pierce

JUNIORS: Caleb Burns, Alexandra Dune, Annie Duprey, Ella Mayo, Alorria McDunnah, Emily McMahon, Kiersten Mongeon, Drew Pecor

SOPHOMORES: Allison Everett, Isabelle Fischer, Kenny Garrison, Shea Harding, Theresa Hoar, Kemal Ibrahimovic , Amina Malagic, Kiana Martin, Zoey Pickel, Will Poirier, Alexander Somers

FRESHMEN: Colby Berard, Emma Blaisdell, Steven Derouchie, Bradey Gates-Lanpher, Zoey Henry, Makenzie Manning, Chloe Mattson, Alexander Maurice, Brandon Noury, Alexander Rivard, Kelly Sanders, Emily Grace Spaulding, Eleanor Steinman, Gabriel Turner, Theressa Wheeler,

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