February 17th, 2019

Some People Rely on Social Security to Survive

I loved “Max’s Opinion piece” on Bernie Sanders in your August 5th issue, until I got to the second page and read the following:

“To me, raising Social Security is like driving Uncle Sam’s car up the highest mountain in Greece and then cutting the breaks.”

For many of us poor blokes who depend on Social Security for our very existence in this horrible economy, where our currency has been so devalued that our meager savings over a lifetime does not keep us out of poverty, and where disability, both hidden and overt, is rampant, I question how Max, who describes himself as “working for a multi-national bank corporation” can even question our continuing even greater need for Social Security!

As the mainstay of our very existence since 1935 when President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act on August 14th, in the very depths of the great depression, (which many of us still remember) Social Security has helped lift so many out of poverty. No one, not even Bernie Sanders, talks about the “lower classes” any more. Most of them without an education, no job, no skills end up either drug addicted or in prison, or both!

Is that the kind of existence Mr. Max wants to continue for our children and grandchildren? Yes, Max, please vote for Bernie. As he has said, “Enough is enough!” And come to the birthday party for Social Security on the State House Lawn on Friday, August 14th, where many of us will celebrate 80 years of Social Security and the need for enhancing it in the future!

Mary Alice Bisbee
Montpelier, VT

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