August 18th, 2019

Sincere Thanks & Appreciation to the Vermont Legislature

Dear Editor:

Sincere thanks and appreciation to the Vermont Legislature (House) for passing a bill making the contest for the slaughter of coyotes illegal and authorizing a fine for anyone caught doing so. It is mind boggling that anyone would consider this a sport! It was rewarding to see and hear about the number of true hunters who were against this so-called contest and also called for an end to this practice. Comments about the killing of young deer by coyotes and other wildlife as a reason for eliminating them is ridiculous. This is the cycle of nature and it is only because of man’s interference that the balance of such is out of whack. It appears to me it is more of a case of certain unethical hunters not wanting the competition of other species killing what they believe only they are entitled to.

Man is the only species that often kills for no reason. And then tries to justify it. I am not opposed to hunting but am opposed to those who do not do so ethically, humanely, and with respect for the wildlife that they hunt.

Linda G. Shambo


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