July 23rd, 2019

Senate Report: Comments from Senator Bill Doyle’s Town Meeting Day Survey

Encourage people/jobs to come to Vermont. There would have to be a long-term incentive…including reduction in overall taxes and fees to make it at all enticing Ń not just for the business/jobs but for the population as a whole.

Sick Leave
I have no objection to paid sick leave, however, consideration must be given to the impacts of small business so they can remain productive without losing employees.

Drugs have come to this quiet, sweet town; ruining kids’ lives and their families.

I think it is time Vermont’s income tax needs to be overhauled and join the other 43 states that have abolished paying income tax on Social Security benefits and pensions. Vermont is one of only 7 states that penalize seniors by taxing their benefits.

Vermont is overly concerned with keeping out businesses. Look how many years they have kept out stores such as Kohls, Walmart, etc.

Why legalize marijuana? Don’t we have enough problems with “drunks”? We don’t need more “pot users” causing problems by telling them it is ok to smoke it.

State Employees
I have been a state employee for over 15 years and I have a few suggestions for employee safety. The first one is to use the emergency preparedness manuals that correctional facilities use.

Political Campaigns
Vermont’s political campaigns are too long. Limit to calendar year of election only.

Solar Panels
How are we going to attract tourists if our landscape is covered with solar panels? Keep our fields open. We are going to need them to feed our people before long.

Such high property taxes to fund education are totally unfair; especially for older people with no children. Maybe families should be according to each child they put into the school system.

Four-year Term
It seems that a two-year term keeps the people more in tune with what’s going on, so you know better who to vote for.

Wind turbines
Stop wind turbines until technology allows better protection of migrating birds and bats.

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