August 26th, 2019

Restoring Balance in Montpelier


For several years, the Democrats have had a ‘super-majority’ in Montpelier. They are running the show and have an agenda that doesn’t include hope or prosperity for the average Vermonter. What we need in Montpelier is fairness. That means balance in representation. Fairness would mean that all political sides would have a level of representation that would force reasoned discourse and problem solving.

We need to elect people who are willing to reach across the aisle yet not forget the folks back home that voted for them and why they did. Hard working people in this state are really tapped out and raising more hidden taxes to pay for more social schemes isn’t what they need.

Topper McFaun is a person of integrity. He is determined that every Vermonter be given the opportunity to live a decent life and to prosper. His concern for ‘all’ Vermonters transcends party affiliation. He is not a career politician who doesn’t understand what it’s like in the private sector. Topper worked for both the Central Vermont Economic Development Corp. and the Barre Area Development Corp. that support and advocate for the creation and expansion of businesses.

All of his life Topper has been an active participant in civic organizations, served on town boards and coached youth sports. On a couple of occasions we have gone to him to address a concern and he has proven to be friendly, very approachable, and helped us find resolution to our problem.

I hope you will consider this issue of ‘fairness’ in Montpelier and vote for Topper McFaun for State Representative from Barre Town. Help us restore balance and civil dialog between all political parties in Montpelier so that every Vermonter will be represented.

Diane Badger

Barre Town

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