August 26th, 2019

Reiss’s Pieces

Reiss’s Pieces


Nothing is more exciting to me than getting ready for my summer at the Cape. I plan for weeks ahead and although I don’t need to pack much, I do sort through my summer things and pick which ones to take with me. And the dogs and the cats? Of course we take everyone with us and they know from the get go that we are preparing to leave, and each and every one is ready to go.

Well, I had high hope that this summer would be a lot better than last. But as usual, my hopes don’t always translate into reality!

As we crossed over the Sagamore bridge, my back started to act up. Plus my hands, both of which were operated on this spring for carpel tunnel, ached like they had just been tortured on the rack. But did I care? Not as much as you might think because it was summer, I was on the Cape with my grandboys, and all was right with the world. Did I notice that it was raining like the world was about to end in water? Of course not, because I am stupid and just unable or unwilling to see what was right before my face.

For the first two weeks we were “on vacation” it rained like a monsoon. The rain was so heavy that you could barely see anything outside your window. I actually wouldn’t have been surprised to see an ark full of animals float by! It was also cold, which would have been okay if I had brought warm clothes with me, but I hadn’t. So I had to make do with layer upon layer of summer clothes. Then the rain stopped and the heat arrived. 94, 95, 90 were nothing temperature-wise and off came the layers of summer clothes. I was so hot on our lovely, cool porch that it seemed impossible that a human boy could adjust to temperatures that fluctuated 30 or 40 degrees in one day.

Then the rains came back and the temperature plummeted down to 75. At which time I froze to death.

I am sure many of you are wondering, what about the beach? And my response to that is, what beach? It is now the middle of August and I have been once. First it was too rainy, and then it was too hot and too many people, and then my back hurt so much I was afraid to try to walk on sand.

So, the summer goes on! The cats absolutely love it and frolic both inside and outside the cottage, and if you believe, they join every gathering that we have and are stars. My two angel dogs are very good like they always are and they not only tolerate the guest dogs, I think that they enjoy themselves. And Malcolm and I? Well, Malc has been wonderful as he has nursed his pathetic wife through all her ills. But I think that I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. My hands are beginning to have a lot less pain and my back and legs appear to get better a little bit each day. In fact, I actually am thinking of perhaps going to the beach today!

Have a happy summer and see you in the Fall.


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