August 22nd, 2019

Reiss’s Pieces

By Judy Reiss

I think that as adults, we must teach our children how to actually apply for a job. It doesn’t matter if they are looking for a fulltime job or just a part-time job to make a little money when they are still in school. Somehow we have neglected to teach our children how they should present themselves when applying for any and all jobs, particularly if they really want one.

When I had a business, many years ago now, I was always shocked that young people actually came to ask me for a job this way. They would come into my place of business wearing raggedy and dirty clothes. Now, I never expected them to wear a suit, although I think if you have one it is always appropriate when applying for a job, but they just looked like they had come from a dogfight! And, I kid you not, a great many of them came into see me and were wearing their baseball caps and never did take it off. For me, this was a real deal killer. Chewing gum or anything else is also not only inappropriate but again, a deal killer.

So, what should we tell our young people who are looking for a job? Well, probably first and foremost, look the person who is interviewing you right in the eye. Always try and act as if you really would like to work at their job and facility. And these days, I am not sure how many young people have a suit but I don’t think a dress suit is absolutely necessary. But what I do think is that they should put on whatever dress clothes that they have and they should always, absolutely be clean! A handshake is always a good thing to do while looking the interviewer right in the eye. And of course, no hats and no gum. I can’t tell you how many people came into my school looking like a rag bag, wearing a cap and chewing gum and for me they never stood a chance. Regardless of whatever job your young person is trying to obtain, it would be a very good thing to learn something about the job or company that he or she is applying for. If you know about the job and you know not only about the job but how you can fit into and be able to make a significant difference to the company, you will impress the person who is hiring and you will be miles ahead of anyone else applying.

I do think that the adults of today are not helping their children by not preparing them for life. Children are no longer disciplined because it might make them feel bad about themselves! Think about when you and I were growing up. Believe me, having to follow the rules or else, was a big part of our growing up experience. And think about it, most of us have turned out pretty well

Teaching your child how to present him or herself is a very important part of their growing up experience; not just when they are interviewing for a job. Learning how to behave well will serve your children well throughout their lives. Again, think about the badly behaved children that you know, without being corrected and taught what is the correct way to behave will keep them from ever knowing why they are unable to succeed in many things that they want to do. And whose fault is that? Actually it is the parents, who think that their little darling should be able to do and act however they want to and good manners and behavior are never taught.

I know that it sounds old fashioned these days, even to me. But I see many well behaved children who are on their way to success and it is because they have been socialized from very early on. The ones who have no idea how to behave or how to present themselves are on their way too, but not to a happy, successful life.

If you are a parent or a grandparent, even if it is hard to do, teach your children well and then sit back and watch them reap the benefits of their growing up. For the children who never behave and have the reputation of a monster from early on, they will also demonstrate how they were taught growing up and it probably isn’t what their parent ever thought would happen. Good manners are always important so think about it and if your loved ones don’t know how to behave in the very big world of today, take your role in their growing up seriously. No child needs to grow up thinking that they are the center of the world and need to be responsible to anyone but themselves. So make their growing up experience one that allows them to become healthy, happy and well behaved adults.

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