July 19th, 2019

Reiss’s Pieces

All of my children, which are four, all of my grandchildren which are 8, can and do use the Internet to buy stuff. I, on the other hand, can’t! Now, let me explain what I mean. What I mean is they are able to go onto the Internet, find the store or the place that sells the type of things that they want, and they buy it. I am able to go onto the Internet, most times find the kind of thing that I want and that is when the problems for me begin. For some reason and I admit that I have no idea why I can’t make the next step work, but I can’t.

Regardless of how easy the steps are to purchase a certain item, I just don’t seem to be able to do it. Don’t think that I haven’t tried, because I have, many, many times. Right in the middle of making a purchase, I seem to hit the wall and the whole thing goes down the drain! Over and over I try and over and over I realize that I no longer am buying just one of a certain item but appear to have bought three. I don’t want three I just want one and no matter how hard I try I can’t get back to just one. So, after becoming hysterical and crabby, I just delete the whole thing. I used to try again but I no longer do. I am too old and no longer want to let my blood pressure rise to the exploding point so let me tell you what I do these days.

First, I do try and shop locally where I can see the product that I want and take it right home. And as long as the salesperson is pleasant and willing to help me, I am willing to make a purchase in their store. If they are unpleasant and too busy to bother with me, I will walk right out and not bother to shop there!

Second, I have a list of certain stores who are wonderful to shop in. This spring I went into a woman’s store in Burlington and I was nervous about shopping there but when I went in the saleswoman was just wonderful. I told her that I wasn’t sure what size I wear any more because I had lost a lot of weight and with my back (cane) found it hard to really look around. So, she told me to sit down and she would bring me a few items to look at and I could decide at my leisure. Not only that, if I didn’t want to go and try on anything, I could buy what I liked, take it home, try it on at home and if it didn’t fit or I didn’t like it, I could return it. As it turned out everything that she brought me fit very well and I liked everything so I bought it and never returned a thing. Not only that, I was so happy with her that I called and bought something else right over the phone. Now, that is what I call wonderful service for an old, crabby woman and I assure that this fall when I decide I need some new clothing that store will be number one on my list.

But if you are definitely someone who wants to shop “on line” let me give you a tip Instead of trying to figure out how to buy and check on “on line” try this. Pick out what you want and right it all down on a piece of paper. Now be sure to right down the number of the item, as well as the item itself its color and your size plus what it costs. Then look at the very top of the items, right where the name of the company etc. is. And you will find a riumber for the Customer Service. And if you call this number you will be contacted with someone who will help you. Just tell them that you want to place an order and 99% of the time they will be very nice and very helpful. No muss and no fuss and you will get what you want without any problems at all.

I know that neither of these ways are probably politically correct these days, but I don’t care. I have decided that there are so many things that have changed and are continuing to change that they are just too much for me. I used to love to shop and have it be a time to relax and interact with my friends. But no longer. Now it is a frenzy and I am just happy that I have found a way to buy what I want and need without causing me any upset.

So, if you are like me, give my ways a try and hopefully you will find the old relaxing and worry-free days returning. If not, don’t shop at all!

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