August 17th, 2019

Reiss’s Pieces

Reiss’s Pieces


Nothing is harder or more frustrating for me than trying to use our new Apple computer. Right now I am writing on my iPad. Why am I not using our new computer.? Well for one thing, I can’t find where to write, and for some reason, I have a tremor and my hands seem to be writing all by themselves! It is so frustrating because I spent a whole year learning to type and I can type well. But not today,


Over the past years, I have considered myself lucky that I could type because my hands have been so bad that writing with a pen on papers was just terrible. My handwriting looks like a beginner who just got her first stick pen, ink well and piece of paper! And I hate to use a machine to write a personal letter. Handwritten letters are the best and unfortunately becoming as rare as hens teeth.


What made me think of handwritten letters was this. As Malcolm was cleaning out the attic in the very old house we were selling in Sandwich, he found a big box of letters, all handwritten of course, from his father to his mother when he was stationed in China during World War II. Evidently he wrote one letter every day. Not only were they well-written, they were amazingly informative. I was amazed that they had survived over the many years and weren’t used as mouse/rat food. Thank Heaven the art of personal letters was alive and well.


When is the last time you have hand written a letter to your loved ones? Until my hand became really unusable, I did write to them. Recently my son showed me a letter that I had written to him when he graduated from High School. I was really touched that he still kept it. And I still am sorry that I cannot hand write any more.


So here is what I think… write to your loved ones. You don’t have to worry about writing a famous piece. Just write from your heart and your loved one will appreciate what ever you have to share. And if you are like me and can’t put pen to paper and you cannot type, you can always do what I have to do these days, just hunt and peck with one finger. I know it is slow but it does work. And my word for the day is of course. Write on!

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