August 24th, 2019

Reiss’s Pieces

Watching T.V. these days is bad enough, but if you watch the news, it is like watching and listening to a scary fiction novel! It’s bad enough that the world seems to be deteriorating and fighting amongst themselves, but how about what seems to be happening here in our country?

I am not sure that good news or uplifting news was ever the main topic of the evening news, but today in 2014, hardly an evening goes by when we aren’t told about yet again another school shooting. I don’t know about you, but I can’t even remember such awfulness before the last few years. And instead of getting better, it appears that children shooting and killing other children, their parents and teachers, seems to be the norm of the day. Now, I know that the “experts” have many ideas, which they are willing and able to spout, about what is wrong with and happening to our kids today. But not one of them has any idea how to stop these horrors. Well, of course, I have some suggestions…

Maybe first and foremost, nowadays parents are not allowed to discipline their children. Maybe a “time-out” when they are little, but that appears to be it. And I, for one, think that is so dumb that it hardly bears discussion. I don’t think anyone, parents included, should be able to beat their children. But I do believe a smack on their bottom when they are little, to get their attention, works. When most of us were growing up, our parents disciplined us, and although it is now considered “child-abuse,” it worked then and most of us respected our parents and of course, our teachers. If you got into trouble in school, when you got home, your punishment would be much, much worse. Teachers were respected and that was that. Now a days, teachers are considered targets, and from an early age, parents appear to think that teachers are always wrong and their wonderful children are always right. Maybe not such a good idea!

Just the other night I was watching T.V. and was astounded at the programs that are being offered for the summer months. Every single one was some type of terrible thing. Murder and rape are the topic of the day and although, I hope, the perpetrator is always caught, before that happens it is almost a blueprint on how to become a sadistic murderer. And during the day, of course, we have programs that include the most bizarre stories on life, especially lives that include sex, spousal cheating and of course, a murder here and there. And is anyone naïve enough to think that children aren’t watching that trash?

And I don’t want to leave out video games No longer do children watch Bugs Bunny or Mickey Mouse. Nope they have participatory games to practice killing in every way imaginable, and killing every thing/person imaginable. And don’t think we are talking about cartoon characters either. Almost all video games of today are as lifelike as you can imagine. A blueprint for disaster? Could very well be!

And one last frightening note. I have a good friend whose 12-year-old daughter watched a little T.V. and then sent for a “stun gun” through the mail. Did she have to tell anyone that she was only 12? Absolutely not. Needless to say, when it arrived and before she could even try it out, it was confiscated by her mother, never to be seen again. But what could have happened if she was another type of parent and one who didn’t see what her daughter was ordering. Or even worse, someone who had plans on using it for something a lot more sinister? Did the 12-year-old break the law? Nope. All sorts of weapons were available to her and no proof of anything was required.

Just think about it. What in the world are we allowing our children to do? Lack of parenting or no parenting, and certainly no parental discipline seems to be the way of the day. Am I the only one who thinks that this is not just a bad thing but will lead us down the frightening path we appear to be going!! I believe that no discipline, no direction and no parenting leads to disaster. Am I right?

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