February 17th, 2019

Reiss’s Pieces


I have decided that the more I watch TV these days, the older I feel! I am not talking about watching the programs that I used to watch when I was younger, although they would also be a good example, I am mainly talking about the news!

Every night, regardless of what else I may be doing, I sit down and watch the world news. And right from the get go, the information that they present to you is something terrible! After I hear about the horrible shootings around the country, I usually am so upset that I can hardly wait for the next bit of news. But don’t think that what is offered is a lot better than the story about the school or youth center or some other gathering place for young people that has been destroyed by some hideous person with little or no conscience.

Nope, now we have to learn about some accident that involved either lots of cars or almost worse, a gigantic truck that has crossed the road and taken out a car filled with either young people or a young family. And keep in mind the news commentator has only been talking for about 10 minutes! And for about three weeks we had to endure the agony of where that jumbo jet from Malaysia went. Although we learned about how many countries and how many experts had been searching for the plane, we were really never given the opportunity to learn about or grieve for the passengers who were lost, but who I assure you have not been forgotten by their families!

I am not suggesting that the national news should be filled with silly and stupid stories that are offered just to make us feel better. (I don’t think.) But I am suggesting that interspersed with the horrendous, it might be a good idea to add a few items that make you feel good or at least, not feel terrible! After the news every night at our house, we watch Jeopardy. We do this because after the news, we are all so upset that Jeopardy gives us the opportunity to not only spar with those on the program, but talk with each other without discussing some horrible accident or crime!

Back in the day, I don’t think that the news was so horrific. And if it was, I guess we were able to feel a lot better after watching I Love Lucy, The Carol Burnett Show, Mary Tyler Moore ShowDick Van Dyke Show or WKRP in Cincinnati. Have you noticed that there really aren’t many funny shows any more? And the ones that are considered “funny” are also obscene! Good old-fashioned funny is no longer part of the TV schedule. So, I guess I am just getting old!

Give me a dose of The Jackie Gleason Show, and maybe I can watch the national news without crying.

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