July 23rd, 2019

Reiss’s Pieces

Well, here it is! Merry Christmas! I know that all of us have been anticipating this wonderful day and not just because it is a day to give and receive gifts, either. No, I think that Christmas means time spent with family and friends, which is the most terrific day of the year. And if you don’t have family or friends to celebrate with, don’t despair, you can always find a group of new friends who will be more than happy to share this day of wonder with you.


There isn’t a day in the year that is more conducive to fun, good food, and sharing than Christmas Day. If you allow this day to go by without sharing it, you will be missing a wonderful opportunity. So, gear yourself up and allow yourself to relax and let it all hang out! And if you take the time to relax before everyone arrives and the celebration begins, you will find that what you anticipate as fun will actually turn out that way.


Don’t kill yourself with preparations, especially of a feast that you have thought about for weeks. Nope, a large and wonderful dinner is a terrific and special thing, but a smaller one that hasn’t been a nightmare to prepare and then leaves you exhausted is probably a much better way to celebrate, because you won’t be too tired to enjoy yourself. My feeling for Christmas Day is to be sure to live, love and be happy, which will translate into a wonderful time for all your loved ones too.


Because I can’t help myself, I have a few thoughts on those to whom you have given a Christmas gift. Probably these thoughts are mostly for children, but maybe not. Regardless of what you have picked out for the recipient, they should be sure to thank you,  and thank you with the heart. Nothing makes me more annoyed or sad than a child who opens their gift and allows it to drop to the floor because it wasn’t what they wanted! Who cares? You or someone has spent time and effort to pick out a gift that you thought they would like and regardless of what it is, they should fake it and say thank you, and with feeling.


I always told my children, and now my grandchildren, that when someone gives you something, even if it is a bag of poop, you should say, “thank you.” And if they give you a gift you don’t really like, you should say,” thank you.” And if they give you a marvelous gift that you always wanted, you should say, “thank you.” Does that tell you how I feel about receiving a gift? And what better day to test out my theory than Christmas day? Don’t ever let your disappointment about what you received show on your face or in your response. Regardless of what it is, someone has gone to the trouble to think of something that they think you would like, so behave like it is! And if the children or adults are old enough to write, they should send you a thank you note. I know that is an old-fashioned thought, but I don’t care. A thank you note is always proper and important


Now that I have told you all my theory on gift giving and receiving, I do want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas from all of us Reisses. And that includes, me of course, Malcolm, Tobi, Heidi, Camden, Nicholas, Polly, Russ, McKinley, Sebastian, Sarah, Rene, Colby, Charlie, Ellie, Adrienne, Mike and Katie Mei. And I would be remiss if I didn’t add: Rufus, Lily, Victor, Yul, Eddie, Frankie, Lucy, Sully, Sanchez, Cody and Kiwi.





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