September 16th, 2019


Reiss’s Pieces

Our lives today are so strange that it is so different from what most of us remember from our childhood and the childhood of our own children that if I wasn’t actually living during these times I would assume that I must be living in a Grims Brothers Fairy Tale. Think about it, do you know anyone who lived in a family or a community who not only allowed their children to behave they encouraged them to misbehave, knowing full well that most children of today’s generation are encouraged to say and do whatever they want. And the older generation is considered just that, the older generation who has no interest in anyone younger. And what makes it even worse is that the elder generation includes the parents and grandparents of today.

What do you think? Have you ever spent any time with children from another country? Or been with one of those families who have children with or without a nurse who helps the family train the children and teach them how to behave. Believe it or not it does work and if you have the money it works well. If you don’t , then you have to think about how you want to raise your child (children) And you want to decide even before it arrives what kind of baby and/or child you want to raise. And believe me, it isn’t that hard, especially if you discuss your wishes and desires for your very own child Have you ever watched Caesar the dog whisper er? If you do you will admit that he can train a dog in an amazing amount of time. So with just a little amount or time you can train your child who will be just wonderful because all of us do want our own children to behave better than your dog!

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