September 23rd, 2019


Reiss’s Pieces

Yesterday I sat down and wrote a long and “terrific” column! And before I could send it, I must have hit a button that I never saw before and bing bang, it deleted itself. And when I say deleted that is just what I mean. No column and not a single word left!


Malcolm came home and I begged him to find it. I was sure that it was hidden somewhere in the computer but he spent an hour or so and found nothing! And I tried again and found absolutely zero. So I called a good friend and asked her what to do and she told me to turn the computer off for a few minutes and then turn it back on and she was sure my terrific column would reappear. However I did and it didn’t! So today I have gotten up, eaten breakfast and started all over again


What I worry about these days is the way our children behave. And what makes it worse it really isn’t their fault! When we were children our parents had strict rules and all of us had to follow them. We all had to sit at the dining table and eat what was put in front of us. No complaining and no discussion. Today children eat only what they want and mothers spend their dinner time figuring out what their loved one will eat! My mother and grandmother would turn over in their graves. And bad language? We would have gotten our mouths washed out with soap or a good smack on the bottom, but now foul language is part of our vocabulary!


My first vote for president was for General Eisenhower, he appeared kind, gentle and what you would expect of a good president of the United States. We have had many presidents since then, some I liked and some I didn’t like as much. But we never had one that I was ashamed of, or that made us ashamed of our country. Now, I can no longer say that. Our new president Trump is the worst behaved not only president but man I have ever seen or heard of. His language is horrendous and he uses foul words whenever he speaks, even in public. Which brings this thought to mind- what do ur children think when they hear the ranting and raving with foul language. How is a mother today able to punish her children for using words that they learned from the president of the United States. Plus what do you suppose the rest of the world thinks about us? No longer are we considered the greatest country in the world. And he continues to embarrass us every time he opens his mouth. All we can hope is that he goes really to far and is impeached. In my 78 years I have never been ashamed of our

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