September 16th, 2019


Reiss’s Pieces

I always try and watch some of the spectacular horse races which are always shown on T.V. in the spring of the year. And I must admit that I don’t realy carewho winsope what I realy find mos interesting is the gigatic group of people who group into trhe stands and are dressed tothe nines! Never in my life have I ever seen woman wgi are dressed ub iytufts rthat oribabky cist as nuch as my house! And as you mightr know, every single woman wear haats that are not only amazing burt cost as much as a years salaary. Now in case you think that I am just joking let me tell you how I know. When my daughter was married I decided that I wanted a big beautiful hat myself. So I used the cocmputer and looked up “Facy hats” and sure enough up came the person who makes those hats and believe it or not, the woman who makes them lived about 5 miless from my cottate at the Cape. So, over we went and I met the miliner and deided the hat that I wanted. And alrhough the hat was very espensie for me, it was actuallly very inexpensife!! And I paid ONLY $350.00 dollars! can you imaine such an outraceous price? NOW IF i PAID THAT MUCH CAN YOU IMAGIE HOW MUCH THE RICh AND fAMOUS PAY? my GUESS IS THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS AND THAT DOESN’T COUNT THEIR SUITS AND DRESSES!

None of that makes much difference, what I foud most interesting was this. Quite a ways from the rifch counrse rthere was a small dirt course with a few places on it was a place set aside for the workers and rhose who coudtn’rt pay the shockingly expensive price to go and sit in the stands to watch the race. Nope, the dirt stands were set aside for those who do the actual work who prepared the horses to race. Needless to say these workers were not allowed to sit in the stands wih the rich and elite

And do you have any idea how much the horses who win makes? Well, I dont actually kow either butr I do ow it is in the millions of dollars. And then the horse usually is retired to be put out for stud where they earn more in an hour then most of us make in a year!

what do you think abouot the very rich and their ability to share their wealth with the less fortunate? And my question that always is in my mind. How much is enough? The althletely who makes more tan a few millions? And if you make 5,10,15 million is thatr enough? Our country has more than enough don’t you think that giving some of it away to the less forrtunate woulnt hurt anyone! Let,s try and help spread the wealth rather than try and hoard as much as we can for our own family A little something for our family is a good thing but think about it how much is enough for you and yours.

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