August 22nd, 2019

Reiss’s Pieces

Here is my big question for the day! When I was young, and probably like a lot of you, we grew up with Andy of Mayberry, and my question is where did Andy go? Andy taught us how to behave! Andy being well behaved was just part of what he taught us. And although most of us knew that Opie was brought up well and learned how to behave I think that most of us knew that Opie was not only Andy’s son, he was also just a character on the program. He was also giving all of us a representative for good behavior for all of us to emulate! And it was also time for us to learn how to behave too. And back then it was also the place where we saw what happened when Opie didn’t behave! He was always punished and taught all of us that behaving was not only important but always had a consequence when and if he didn’t…! And if he was naughty, all of us, both me and you and most other children learned what a consequence meant! And what these consequences meant was that you had to understand that either you obeyed your parents or other grown-up or if you didn’t, it meant that you either had to obey or if they didn’t some punishment would rain down on your head. Can you imagine such behaviors today? NO! Children today don’t have role models like Andy Griffith or others like him. Now instead of good role models on how to behave or how to speak to one another and how to represent themselves as well behaved, good adults who represent themselves as good Americans who are proud of themselves and understand their role as representing their country! And of course, no longer do we have elected officials and a President of whom we can be proud! Why! If you don’t know you should watch the   news on TV land listen to his comments about women, people from other countries, the poor and those who don’t donate to his party.


Oh, Andy, John Kennedy

And it would seem to be all of our elected officials were men to be proud of. No longer are we proud of our elected officials. Instead of pride, we should be ashamed of our most important official who says and does whatever ideas come to his mind.

So, If the world as we know it today stays green and blue, I will see you next week.

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