September 17th, 2019


Reiss’s Pieces


Can you believe that it is December already? Well, I can’t. And unless you are one of those who went out on “Black Friday” and shopped until you dropped, December means that Christmas is only an eye blink away and you have a million things to do! Now, I must admit that I have all of my holiday shopping done. Not much is wrapped yet, but the presents are in a pile on the bed in my guest room and just waiting for me to arrive with scissors and Scotch tape! Because I really don’t like to wrap, I found a much better way to do it.


First, I want to explain to you that nothing sends me into a frenzy faster than wrapping a gift and have the wrapping paper tear. This has happened to me time after time. And then because I am a good Nana, I bought some Christmas paper from one of my grandsons who was selling it for his school. I did think that the paper was more expensive than I was used to, but in order to help the school, I bought it anyway. And you know what I found? That this paper was about 100% better to use than what I had been buying before. It is much thicker and easier to handle and wonder of wonders, it doesn’t rip! The few extra dollars that I spent on this paper is “cheap” when you consider how much I wasted before, and although I don’t know, the cost of my breakdown must be plenty.


So, my tip for today is, buy good paper and save yourself time and frustration – and also lots of Scotch tape. Can you imagine wrapping gifts with no such thing as tape? Picture yourself with good paper, a lovely gift, and nothing but string to make the package lovely. I can see maybe using string to close a bakery box but Christmas or birthday presents? Not in my lifetime.


Actually, what I wanted to tell you today is this; now that December is upon us and every store and radio station plays carols 24/7, try and get yourself in a happy, serene mood. It seems that once December begins everyone panics and rushes around like crazy and doesn’t take the time to enjoy the season. And if you think about it, what does this tell your children? I’m not sure, but I am sure that it doesn’t make you or your family look like the calm and happy family on a Christmas card. For children, Christmas is and should be a time of wonder and excitement. And not just because they are going to get way too many gifts from Santa Claus, either.


Think about it, all the stores and many of the towns are decorated to a fair thee well. The lights are colorful and sparkling and are all shining for your enjoyment. Don’t you think that little children find it magical? Or they would if you let them. Again, I don’t know about you, but I can still sing every single Christmas carol and Hanukkah song ever written. Of course, we sang carols in school and every classroom was decorated for winter and the holiday season. And I, for one, think it is sad that Christmas is no longer politically correct in our schools but is in our nation’s capital. It just doesn’t make sense. I know that most of you will put up a tree and decorate it with lights and ornaments. And don’t you think that your, children, grandchildren, friends, and friends’ children find it a wondrous addition to your home? Of course they do.


So here is my advice for the day, calm down, buy the gifts that you need to buy, and take the time to enjoy doing it. Wrap your gifts slowly and don’t cram this chore into one frenetic day and of course, try and use good paper. Then most of all, include your children and grandchildren in the month-long preparations. And make it fun! Don’t let Santa Claus and his ability to bring gifts be the centerpoint of your holiday. If you slow down and enjoy the month, you will be giving your loved ones a gift that is irreplaceable. Trust me on this, it will work and you, too, will find that the holiday season is fun and as good as you anticipated when you were child.

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