August 17th, 2019

Reiss’s Pieces

By Judy Reiss
I was all set to write a column about drugs and as I was all set to begin, a friend, Jennifer, sat down and asked me a question about soap! I took my fingers off the keys and the two of us began discussing soap and how much we both love lilacs and how we both love scented soap. And perfume, too. Which brought us to how much we both like many things alike. And we, of course, also talked about what we didn’t like. And right at the top of my list was lavender! And I shared with Jennifer my dislike or unlike of the smell of lavender. And the interesting problem for me the many gifts that I have received of soap are gifts of lavender. Yuck!

Now that I have confessed to the whole world that I hate the smell of lavender, let me explain why I hate lavender and this is it. Lavender always makes me think I am in a men’s room or at least just standing outside one. Phew! Now keep in mind what I want and always want is lilac and not lavender, which in my mind is a sweet and easy smelling aroma!

Think about it. Don’t you think that certain aromas remind you of something or someone? And some of those aromas are wonderful or at least pleasant and some of them are really gross and are not pleasant or even nice. And I am assuming that if you don’t like the smell you don’t want to rub the soap and scent all over your body!

If I am wrong please feel free to rub whatever smell you like all over your body. Of course if you like the smell of skunk you should remember that the smell could and will keep that smell on your clean body probably close to forever! And if you have forgotten, forever is a long, long time!

So, we all tend to forget that smells do last a long, long time, probably not forever but darn near close!

Thank God that Jennifer is here and has been willing to talk me through the embarrassing spelling errors in this adorable column! Oh well, every now and then I like to demonstrate to all of you just how old I really am!

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