March 25th, 2019

Reiss’s Pieces

By Judy Reiss
I went out for coffee again today and once again had a blast! What is interesting is I knew that I loved getting together with the Grandmamafia but when I mentioned it to my physical therapist, she said I was right, except I had to go even if I am in terrible pain. She says that for me, to work through the pain is a very good thing. Staying in bed or in my chair with an ice pack on my rear end, it is just not good for me, and if I go downtown, I will get stronger and a lot more fun and interesting!

We started by discussing a local girl, Hannah Utter, and how terrific she is doing as she skis with the US SKI Team Development group. And then we talked about everyone’s birthday, which is always good for a laugh these days. Of course when we talk about politics it all works well because we all agree. In fact we all laugh and make predictions, which will be terrible for our country if we are even a little bit right!

Today, Rachel brought me a four-page article that she found in a national magazine. And what do you think the article was about? I’ll give you a hint, it was toilet paper!

Now I know we discussed toilet paper before and I don’t think that this article was much better. It was a little dry for a subject that should be a lot lighter since all of us use it, right? So here are a few thoughts from the Grandmamafia on January 4, 2017.

Regardless of which brand of toilet paper you choose, remember the good stuff is only a few pennies more expensive and the comfort of the good is amazing.

And don’t think that I say that lightly or without experimenting. After my last foray into toilet paper and I could get around easier, I tried several brands. In fact, I checked when I was in Costco and Wal-Mart and found that the paper they offer is so thin, you have to use a huge bouquet of toilet paper because the tissue disintegrates and you are left with a mess. If you try to use the cheap paper, you will have a terrible mess on your hands and it’s not user friendly. In several of the shops and restaurants I used, I found the same weak and wimpy toilet paper. And I personally don’t think it actually saves that much money!

Don’t think that I don’t know quality paper, because I do! And after a few words, Malcolm agreed. And I want to tell you Charmin was a joy after the tissue paper fiascos. Now this is the truth. I only use three little squares of Charmin, and unless I needed more for an emergency, three squares was plenty! I found it tough, yet baby soft.

I don’t know what else you use toilet paper for, but I assure you it does hold up. In her past life, my Polly has used enough toilet paper to paper the Statue of Liberty! In fact, Malcolm always made comments about how she always used half a roll and how we should replace it with a new one just to be prepared! Please let me know if you have decided to change or either you also took the test, at home, with no one looking.

Please, have a happy, healthy and snowy New Year!

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