August 20th, 2019

Reiss’s Pieces

By Judy Reiss
Christmas is over but not the holiday season! Relax, I am not suggesting that you or anyone else should still give presents. I know that the gift giving is fun and expensive but it does help make Santa’s visit more exciting and more fun. So how can we have a holiday season without cards and presents? Let me tell you.

This week from Christmas to New Years is a time that can be just as wonderful. It is time for children to play with the toys that they received during the Christmas season, which is only a part of the holiday season. But it is important for you to encourage the children to play with their new toys and when possible, take a good look at their old toys. Are there any they no longer play with? Sure I bet there are. Tell the children to make two piles of those toys. One for toys that they can’t live without and one that should be huge with toys that they no longer play with or love. Now have to sit down when they are finished and have a family discussion about what to do with the second pile. Yes, let the kids decide or at least help decide where and when they give a needy child or a grouped of children the bag of toys. Remember and make sure your children also know that although they no longer love these toys, there are children who will be thrilled to receive them and will love them just like your child did. Now that is celebrating the holiday season and believe me, everyone involved will have the holiday spirit.

Now how about the adults during this week. For most of us think about how weird this Christmas is. We go from Santa Claus and wired children and lots of family, especially the elderly who are not just invited to participate in this wonderful day but included in the preparation of old family recipes that everyone anticipates all year long. And if you have a caring host he or she will always to ask Grandma to make her special Plum Pudding or chocolate cake because she already knows that she is no longer the head of the family, but is now a respected old member who should not be worried about baking for the family. But that is wrong, she knows that her role is to make her famous desserts and she will be shocked and hurt if she is no longer asked.

OK now you have used a couple of those blah days and it really does feel like the holiday is still with you. Of course, now you have to think about New Year’s Eve! Now I don’t really understand why New Year’s Eve is always anticipated as the one evening it is appropriate to get blind drunk! And how many people die on our roads or even worse kill someone else. And it is accepted as just collateral damage. Needless to say I am not talking about the family and friends who have to suffer from such statistics.

So now it is New Year’s Eve and there are many ways that it is celebrated in this country. Number one is the super duper party given by adults to adults. Unfortunately this party appears to have no regulations. And I guess that because it is for adults, there are no rules. Be sure you do remember the adult rule though, No Children Allowed.

Number two is a party just for children. It is my opinion that this party should be for children about 10 and older. A little children’s party is too hard to have unless you do it in the afternoon. An adult should be present all the time. But don’t think it would be fun for them to have games. Trust me, games are a no no. I would assume that the only time to have a teenage party is when at least 14 adults are present. Not striking the party but make sure that there is no drinking or drugs because you must know that someone will bring it, they consider it almost obligatory! But stay out of the actual party or it will die right in front of you. Your children, if age appropriate, should help plan the food and the music. And if you don’t check on them too often, it will be a blast. (That is a good thing).

Are the holidays really over now? It used to be just like Christmas decorations used to go up about the 15th of December! But I have to admit that this next holiday takes quite a while and there is lots of free time before the actual day but also a very anticipated the beginning of spring and of course Easter. Now Easter much like Christmas has transformed from a religious holiday to one that many people celebrate with an adorable Easter Bunny! And the Easter Bunny comes and leaves nests of candy around the lawn or the house and all sorts of candy, especially jelly beans, keeping the children and many adults busy finding the nest and eating candy until they are finally satiated! And many Christians go to church and then celebrate Jesus Christ’s life by snacking on Chocolate bunnies and Peeps.

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