June 20th, 2019

Reiss’s Pieces


I’ve decided to give you an update on at least one of the Reiss family menagerie. Why did I decide to do that? Well, in my opinion the world as we know it today is going to hell in a hand basket, and with the news media making everything worse! If that is possible. On the other hand, what could be more pleasant than reading some observations about the world’s best and smartest cat?


Victor, who is now the patriarch in our feline family, has taken the role of “big boy “ cat with grace and ability. We were worried that when James passed away, Victor and Yul would have a hard time re-adjusting to a new position in the household. But it doesn’t appear to have been as hard as we anticipated. I think that Victor just confronted Yul – who is much bigger but younger – and told him what was what and that he was now the absolute King of the Castle and that he should just back off. And although we love and appreciate all that Yul is and does, Victor does rule supreme!


Victor has one little quirk that I know I have mentioned before.  Out of the blue and with little or no warning, he launches himself onto your shoulders. And I say shoulders instead of shoulder because he is so big that he no longer can fit onto only one. Then he drapes himself around your neck and just sits there until either he ether decides to jump down or someone leaps to help and takes him down. I don’t really care too much when he does that to me, but Victor usually picks on Malcolm when he has just gotten out of the shower and he is stark naked and brushing his teeth. A big Siamese boy who has to hold onto his bare shoulders with very sharp claws is never the way Malcolm likes to start his day! And this adorable little trick has been done with complete strangers who come into our house. I can’t really tell you the percentage of people who are frightened to death versus the ones who like it, because I have never kept track.


I have to tell you that if you are a cat hater or one who is afraid of cats, you should never come to our house. Victor seems to know who is what and then he tries to change their opinions and feelings. Actually, we have a good friend who is terrified of all cats so, of course, she never comes over. But this one day she came with her husband and parked in our driveway, rolled down her window and both of them were chatting with Malcolm when the worst happened. Victor jumped on the hood and lithely made his way into her window. Well, you would have though a tiger had entered the car because our friend gave a terrible scream and covered her head. And Victor? He stood in her lap for a couple of minutes and stared into her face and when he finally decided she had had enough, he left. And you could see the expression on his face that said, “What the heck was the matter with her?”


Malcolm and I have had many Siamese cats in our 47 years of marriage, but truthfully none has been as loving, smart or friendly as Victor. Of course, he has some habits that are annoying, too. One of my personal favorites is when you prepare to go into the bathroom, Victor races ahead of you and perches himself on the toilet seat, then leans down and drinks from this very convenient watering hole. And it isn’t just a sip, he stays there and drinks until your frantic dance convinces him to leave. And don’t think that you can pick him up and move him. If you try, he goes limp and makes himself weigh about 100 furry pounds.


The rest of the Reiss menagerie are all well and happy. And I am pleased to announce that Rufus, our dear standard poodle, appears to actually like the cats. My dear old Lily is now blind, but I have to admit that she gets along as well as all of her brothers! And as always, all our animals are integral members of our family. What we now know and understand is that Victor has no idea that he is a cat! Nope, I used to think that he thought of himself as a dog, but I have changed my opinion. Victor just considers himself a short and very agile person. And every day that I live with him, I get to believe that he is right!


If you are lonely and want a wonderful companion that is easy and can take care of itself, get yourself a cat, you will never regret it.



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