September 22nd, 2019


Re: Parklets in Downtown Montpelier



As President of Montpelier Alive, I was disappointed by criticism of parklets at the Liquor Control Board’s meeting, as recently reported in the press.


Parklets will provide outdoor seating for restaurants downtown. People downtown attract people downtown. The more people are seen in a downtown, the more successful that downtown will be. A good model for this is Church Street, where I walk for exercise every day when I am in Burlington. As many as 20 restaurants have outdoor seating on Church Street. The vibrancy of that area grows and grows. Parklets have been successfully used in many American cities.


Numerous Montpelier Alive volunteers have worked countless hours to develop parklets in downtown Montpelier. Three parklets have been approved. The proposals feature good designs and materials. They will be constructed in one or two parking spaces in front of each business developing the parklet. Each business owner will pay parking fees lost to the City. More parking will be available downtown—not less. On the same night that the City Council approved parklets, the City Council also approved the development of twelve new parking spaces in downtown Montpelier.


Montpelier Alive will do all that can be done to support parklets. Please join us in our effort to invigorate our downtown.

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