September 23rd, 2019


Re-elect Senator Anthony Pollina


I write in firm and strong support for the re-election of Anthony Pollina to the Vermont State Senate. His service since 2010 has been exemplary, always focusing on the needs of the less fortunate among us while maintaining a record of and commitment to appropriate fiscal prudence. His accomplishments the past two years have included moving 10% of the state’s cash from private banks to a local investment fund, working to lower the cost of higher education for Vermont students, maintaining needed services for our vulnerable elderly such as the Low Income Heating Assistance Plan, supporting the ban on GMOs, and sponsorship of legislation to protect tenants from losing access to water because of the actions of irresponsible landlords, of which, thankfully, there are not many. To learn more about his positions and accomplishments, you may want to visit www.pollinaforstatesenate.com/

I am especially impressed by how Anthony Pollina interacts with constituents. He is modest in talking about his accomplishments, but is always asking those with whom he talks, “What do you think?”

Unfortunately, the prediction for voter turnout in Vermont in this forthcoming election is quite pessimistic. Yet, there are a number of key contests for the State Senate and State House which could have a direct and significant impact on most Central Vermont residents. Please vote, and please remember Anthony Pollina when you do so.

Stephen L. Finner


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