September 22nd, 2019


Pure, Mean Spirited Ideology

Dear Editor,

We need the press to do its job and both fact check and hold accountable those in positions of power and authority when they make misleading statements intended to confuse the public and when they lie—blatantly lie—to the people. They have the bully pulpit and exert inordinate power. Ordinary people depend on a free and independent press to correct the record and not everyone has access to the computer.

As you know, Senator Mitch McConnell is peddling false statements regarding Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Senator Bernie Sanders has repeatedly called him on it but we need to reach as many people with the truth and facts regarding Social Security. Millions of us have payed into this system our entire working lives along with Medicare taxes so they are not entitlements. They are owed us. Medicaid is there for helping those who need it most and these days that number is exploding as more people join the ranks of the impoverished and why we need a just, equitable dignified truly Universal Healthcare system so no one is left out. Social Security is in a trust fund that belongs to the people and not the millionaires on Wall Street.

Senator Mc Connell and too many of his colleagues, being millionaires and not averse to taking contributions from countless corporations may not need these earned benefits but millions of us do. It is of the upmost hypocrisy and underhandedness to pass huge tax cuts to the already overly-wealthy and then wish to balance the budget by stealing our earned benefits and hurting the poor. And in addition to these obscene tax cuts they bloat the already over-bloated military budget. The tax cuts need to be reversed, and let them balance the budget on themselves by reducing their wages to minimum wage.

The cap needs to be removed from wages subject to Social Security taxes; graduate the tax while taxing all income and guarantee real COLA. There is no need to cut these programs as spending is determined separately from tax revenues as a start. This is pure, mean spirited ideology on Senator McConnell and too many of his colleagues.

The organization leading the fight to protect—really protect SS and not the false misleading lies espoused By President Trump—Social Security, Medicare are Social Security Works dot org and those fighting to make sure every man, woman and child is covered from cradle to grave with comprehensive health insurance that is cost-effective, dignified and based on what income people actually have are Healthcare-now dot org and Physicians For A National Health Program and HOPE.


Giovanna Lepore

Jericho, VT

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