September 22nd, 2019


Poetry Corner

By Earnest A. Hemmingdwyer

Light rain falling
Sky, wind-textured,
And mottled like
A farmgirl’s face.

Light rain falling—
Will it be warm
Or cold?

So many people
Far too many for comfort

Stormlight dim
Settled on the hardware floor the dust
Blossoming flowers through the varnish

Upon Seeing a Seedling
By Earnest A. Hemmingdwyer

What should our emotions be
When a fragile plant we see
Ensconced in concrete
Wedged in a crack
Forcing down
Its roots
Should we
Take courage
Or just ignore
Give fleeting thoughts to
The wonder that this plant lives?
Earnest A. Hemmingdwyer is a Vermont native who lives on a rural homestead growing his own vegetables in the shade of cedar and elm trees. His favorite pastimes are translating ancient Chinese poetry, writing poetry, inventing languages, reading good haiku, singing anapestic tetrameter and harvesting cattails. His side-hobbies have to do with Greek mythology, Asia and fireflies.

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