August 17th, 2019

Poetry Corner

A Winter Storm
By Darlene Sprague

It was two weeks before Christmas and after a storm
We heard noise from the housetop, not sounds of the norm
Mama heard a crash that sounded like an “oof”
She said, I think something just hit the roof

Thanksgiving had passed a few weeks before
Now the snow is deep and up to the door

We needed to investigate
So outside we did go
It was hard walking
In the new fallen snow

You boys check the roof
See if anything is on the ground
Let me know what happened
And what you have found

It was still stormy and the wind did blow
Then we saw feathers on top of the snow
We could not believe what we had found
A wild turkey that lay frozen upside down

Blinded in a snow storm in the middle of the night
It hit the roof and crashed in mid flight

Mama was happy with what we had to say
We’re going to be eating turkey on Christmas day

Due to a storm on a cold winter’s night
And a snow blinded turkey that took risky flight

By Hunter Trinka

One of the King’s Men
Turned to another,
And said to his comrade
“What a mess, brother!
I’ve never seen someone
Take such a bad fall,
If we hadn’t swept up shards,
There’d be no proof at all
That a man was here,
A man’s heart did beat
Before he came off the wall
And crashed into the street.”
The men looked at each other,
Knowing there’s nothing to do
To try and make
This man look new,
So with a word to their horses
They went out of sight,
And left me, broken,
Alone with my plight.
I asked nobody
If there’s a where and a when
That I will finally be
Put back together again.

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