September 23rd, 2019


Poetry Corner

The River
By Todd Washburne

The river was finally running free
This was so nice to see.
I am so glad that I was there
And the rushing waters looked so grand.
The ducks have yet to come
But I feel the sunshine in my soul and that the birds will hear my cry
And come to see me cry.
I cry because they are free and for me
It is not to be.
I have autism and that keeps me
Locked to this earth
Never to be free.

The Walk
By Todd Washburne

When we take our walk
I love the way that the world greets me.
Everyone smiles and we say hello.
And then we continue on our way.

We see so many different things
That my mind explodes with happiness.
The things that I love best are
Reading all the signs and keeping up
With the news in town.

Also the river is always on the move
And I like watching the rise and fall
Of the depth of the water.

The walk is like becoming a non-autistic person
As I talk and read and cross the street
And I feel independent even though
I know Gail is always there to help.

The people that I meet are old friends
Of my dad, and I rejoice when I see them.
It brings back happy memories of when
We were together.
I miss my dad but George is there for me
And so I am lucky as can be.

The walk is so much more
As I learn about manners and saying hello.
And being free just to be me.

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