August 20th, 2019

Poetry Corner

By Wayne F. Burke

I want a private spot
to sit
and read
or write
take a nap,
feed the birds,
keep a cat,
play in the dirt
if I want to;
study the shadows
the sunlight makes;
a little table
to put my coffee cup on,
a view of sky
and quiet time,
all I like
all I can get,
that’s it.

My Brown Eyes
By Old George

No better love
Could I ever know.
You run to my arms
To let me know
That, you love me so.
Your kisses set my heart aglow.
The look in your brown eyes
Tells me you never
Want me, to let you go.
A better dog
I’ll never know.
So give me a doggies kiss
For now, I’ll say good night.

To Be
By Corinne Davis

I hope to be like kittens someday
Never questioning when it is time to play.
They will try to engage you in the fun
Come on and get me, I’m going to run.
Scratch my tummy and tell me I’m cute
They know they are love without a dispute.
If they want to be held they let you know
They are never in a hurry, they’ve got nowhere to go.
And if they are hungry and wanting to eat
You can be sure they will appear at your feet.
They are very independent and can get along
On their own, but if it is company they want,
They won’t have to be shown.
When they want to sleep they choose their own night
They do not keep time and decide when it is right.
They sense when you need it and will give you love
As they do not question if you’ll receive it
They know they are love.

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