September 22nd, 2019


Poetry Corner

Endless Play
By Corinne Davis

As I scan the sky throughout the day
I realize I’m watching an endless play
When I look up I cannot help but feel fine
As I am gently nudged to remember the divine
Early morning the color array is bright
As the sun peeks through to end the night
And then there is a fog to sometimes break through
Which permeates its own tranquilizing hue
The cast of characters throughout the hills and trees
Leave me breathless as I welcome the breeze
The shapes and dyes blend so pleasingly well
Regardless of the story it is trying to tell
The colors grab at me as I descend the hill
My wanting to stop and just be still
Not wanting to leave this place of mine
And knowing that others will too soon find
I climb to the top of the mountain each day
Eager to view nature’s endless displays

Gone Too Soon
By Valerie Ferris

Glorious colors delve on mountains
For miles and miles
In the valley children toss
Leafy hues into piles

How generous of nature to expose
Its beauty to us
And lend our conversations
A miracle to discuss

Armed with cameras tourists
Take many glistening photos
To record wonderful
Autumn mementos

On racks of 30 cents each
Foliage marks Vermont postcards
So visitors can send friends
Picturesque autumn regards

But these leaves which now crisp
Lightly under our feet
Will soon be overshadowed
By an ominous frosty retreat

For a joyous while
This is New England’s comfort zone
Before a definite winter
Reveals its horrendous tone

So play on fall as long
As you can last
How we miss you when
Our lands and hearts turn overcast

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