September 18th, 2019


Poetry Corner

A World Surrounded
By Lyza Giroux
Feelings come in a storm of emotion
Sadness, which comes to someone like waves from the unsteady sea
Love, a feeling that will never truly leave one be;
It’s almost as if missing him is the reason I breathe
Anger, for the moments when you feel like nothing’s going right
Joy, is what you find when the ones you care about hold you tight
Depressed, a feeling of uncertainty in the obstacles of life
Disappointment, for when you feel like you’re the one under the knife
Fear, for when the dark takes over the night
Excitement, a feeling where you’re simply drowned by delight
Then there’s happiness
Where even after everything; 
all you want to do is dance around and sing 
Lyza is a 16-year-old Spaulding High School student. She loves writing, music, and being creative. She uses her creativity to express herself, and hopes one day her writing speaks to someone.

If I Were…
By James Giroux
If I were a bird, up high above the trees, I would be flying and gliding
Oh, what great things I could see
If I were a fish, in the middle of the ocean, I would swim along slowly as if the world was in slow motion
If I were the sun, I would shine bright everyday, I would keep the earth warm, when the children come out to play
If I were a dog or cat, or some little kid’s pet, I would give them love and joy when they are happy or upset
If I were a tree, I would stand tall and be free…
But God made me a boy and I’m happy to be me!
James lives in Barre with his wife and two daughters. He considers writing something he has always loved and it is one of his many hobbies that he enjoys doing in my free time.

By George Longenecker
Wrap me in your wings,
hide me high in a white pine,
weave me a nest with your beak,
line it with downy feathers,
sew it with fine thread of nettle,
twine it with silk of milkweed,
cushion it with pussy willows,
braid it with milk of moonlight,
let me feel warm breath from your beak,
let me feel your heart beat against my breast.
George Longenecker of Middlesex has had poems published in several journals, including Sixfold and Atlanta Review. He recently retired from Vermont Technical College.

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