July 17th, 2019

Poetry Corner

twilight time
By Wayne F. Burke

a smoky sky
and white slather,
the wooded hills brown,
the streets dark-gray;
twilight time
does something to me,
something good,
to see a scrap of 
swoop to the woods:
it is not night
is it not day
a cornucopia of gray
with a spatter of
charcoal bricks
to start a fire,
warm a heart,
light a way through
the gathering

Paper Memory
By Kimberly Madura

when the colors swirl on a moment
preserving a thought, marking a place in time
a piece of life, that freedom in form
caught on one piece of paper
edited to contrast
an image, color, creating a perfect moment then –
a perfect thing now
forever captured for me to hold onto
each paper aligns with one concrete memory
ageless and preserved
how the colors appear and fill in this moment
of my mind, my eyes, transient human reality
embossed, glossed, matted into something tangible
even while not truly understanding how that works
I am in awe of the mystery of it
mysterious proof of life
this photograph
proof I can see, proof that remains
– that then I lived

When It’s Raining
By Laura Lee Saorsa Smith

When it’s raining it’s like tears from heaven
Angels crying for the children

People of the streets are dying
All the lies people are buying

The horrors that are faced every day
How do we ever make them go away?

Why can’t we just love one another
Why can’t we trust our sisters and brothers

Wars are in our neighborhoods fighting in the street
Wars with people we never get the chance to meet

We might have been friends in a different circumstance
Why can’t we follow a peaceful kind of dance

You don’t even know my name
Yet you play your head game

I say let words fall where they may
I say spread love to all every day

Help one another in whatever way
Let everyone have his or her say

Lend a loving gentle hand
Why can’t they understand

When it rains it’s like tears from heaven
Angels crying for the children

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