August 19th, 2019

Poetry Corner

A Haiku
By Kym Rowell

Snow falls upon me,
Pain clouds my teary wet eyes…
Angels dance around.

Grady’s Feet Are Touching the Grass
By Corinne Davis

A Feral Cat comes from out of the night,
right to Dani’s door
Bringing light into her life, she could have
never prepared for prepared for what was in store
She took in this maimed and terrified animal
Of which knew only of life in the wild,
She spent endless hours caring for this cat,
As if he were her only child,
Grady was fearful of people and was always
just out of her reach,
Although this cat would keep his distance,
he had an amazing ability to teach
she patiently watched him for endless hours
hypnotized by his stoic stare,
showing her like no other could, just what it means to care
And so this very noble guy, would never again be alone
His fate was to find his mistress,
and forever find a place called home

After Beauty
By Kimberly Madura

You showed me beauty,
And I, merely saw the
beauty that was there to be seen –

I can’t say I even looked for it –
I simply saw it.

At that place,
At that time,
That was beauty.

It existed, and then ended,
But still, I have
Known Beauty

And, it affected me how?
Showed me truth, or love?
But even simpler
Even more
It OPENED me to
the possibility of these things.
Allowed me to feel
And braver
Not forever, but for a time.
And that is something real.
And now, I say the
only thing there is left to say,

After beauty, I say, thank you.

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