July 17th, 2019

Poetry Corner

Spring Awakening
By Darlene Sprague

I hunger for the pure sweetness of nature
where peace embraces my soul

Lured to the shore and beyond
This is my beloved Groton Pond

Shadows on the shoreline draw me near
A place of darkness I approached without fear

There is movement and whispers in the wind
the soft moaning call of the loon
The sunset appears in the late afternoon
then comes the gentle rise of the spring moon

The sparkle of silver water
and beaches that look like gold
Riches appear before me
as nature’s treasures unfold

Overwhelmed by its beauty
as I look around
I feel great joy and contentment
in this natural surround

Lullabies of nature can be heard
hear the songs of the red wing black bird

A chorus of peepers are all around
There is no other place on earth for me
that is full of wonder and so profound

By Wayne F. Burke

Overnight, the green backyard
below the window
has become a white sea
flowing up against the shore
of fence;
I can hear the hiss
and almost see the wallow
as the foam-white
at the mercy of the waves
as we
at mercy of an Arctic front
watch from
heated huts.

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