September 18th, 2019


Poetry Corner

By “Ms VT Poet” Eileen “ELI” Strickland-Holtham
of South Royalton, VT (age 60!)

You are my star,
In a sky empty of all others…

You’re my unsung legend,
My hero in a story –
That has yet to be written.

You’re a man of values,
Non-judgmental –
A perfectionist of sorts…

You think of me first –
Before yourself…

May our love endure,
Through all the storms –
That will test its strength.
Attempting to defeat our lovers’ bond…

I refuse to wander aimless –
Without what we need most,
Each other!!!!

By D. Roberts

In the dark of night,
the light of day
I wonder where you are,
what you’re doing, who you’re with.
My heart still aches
from the hurt you inflicted.

I miss you day and night,
I think of you all the time.
Looking at old photos reminds
me of the past that can’t be erased.

I cry myself to
sleep as I lay
in bed. Can’t get you off
my mind. I still love you
even though we are apart.

Need to let you go and move on.
My heart will heal, my tears
will dry, my memories will
fade away all in time.

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