September 22nd, 2019


Planned Parenthood’s Practice of Selling Aborted Babies is Disgusting

I was relieved to read in an opinion piece of another paper, one that has a history of being “pro-choice”, that “..the idea of harvesting and trafficking unborn baby parts makes us feel pretty squeamish about our defense and understanding.”

However, there is something worse here than how the body parts of already dead babies are treated.

Even worse than selling body parts from already aborted babies (if anything can be worse than the abortion itself), Planned Parenthood is acting as a merchant, taking pre-orders and selling the body parts of living children, then dismembering those still living children in ways that keep the merchandise valuable, and simultaneously kill the children, whom they deem to have no value.

What kind of a nation supports this? This is the “health care” that the Little Sisters of the Poor and everyone else with a conscience refuses to provide. Girls and women in distress and their babies (who, like their mothers and us and the Planned Parenthood staff as well, are made in the image and likeness of God and loved by God, giving them inestimable worth), deserve better than to have Planned Parenthood take advantage of Mom’s distress in order to harvest her baby to fulfill PP’s pre-existing contracts for her baby’s body parts.

Clara Schoppe

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