August 26th, 2019

Pedestrian Concerns in Montpelier


The Montpelier Police Department deserves the gratitude of those of us who walk to and fro across streets and intersections around the city for making stops and providing warnings to drivers who have been failing to yield for pedestrians at crosswalks, as was noted recently in the police blotter section within the Times Argus.

Whether it be for those drivers who are simply not paying enough attention while behind the wheel or those who otherwise blatantly refuse to stop because they view doing so as being an elective (as if they have a choice in the matter, save for when they might not have enough time and distance to do so safely), this has been an ongoing problem within the city over the years. There are drivers who are not even heeding the signs installed within the middle of the street at certain crosswalks across the city, not to mention the signs posted on either side of the street. As such, it appears that it might have to go beyond issuing warnings in order to more properly address the problem.

By the way, there are also problems with drivers turning right during a red traffic light when it is clearly posted at certain intersections that this is prohibited, including in instances when the walk signal for pedestrians is active.


Morgan Brown


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