August 20th, 2019

Northfield Select Board Races

I am writing to urge Northfield voters to vote for John Sears for the 3-year seat on the Select Board, and for Jim Baraw for the vacant 2-year seat on the Select Board. I firmly believe that a change in the composition of the board is necessary if Northfield is to move forward, attracting new businesses and new families, to expand our tax base and to stabilize our property tax rates without further cutting services and without further neglecting Town asset maintenance.

I understand the pressure the board has felt to keep municipal taxes as low as possible, and I appreciate their care in this regard. However, at some point it’s “penny wise, pound foolish.” If we do not invest in public safety, in maintaining our assets, in economic development, in actively working to grow Northfield, we will be in a downward spiral of discouragement and economic decline which would be difficult to reverse.

Therefore, I encourage everyone, especially those who don’t always vote in local elections, or who are relatively new to this community, to think of what you want Northfield to be in 5 years, or 10 years. And vote for the future, not the past. Vote for John Sears, vote for Jim Baraw.

Carolyn G. Stevens

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